Meet the team

Joost VreekenJoost
A Student of the Aerospace Engineering department here at TU Delft. He just got his motorbike license and enjoys building all kinds of things in his free time, for example he built a fixed gear in the past.



Ainoa Areso RossiAinoa
Studies Civil Engineering at the TU Delft. She is spanish and italian but has lived her whole life in the netherlands. At civil she has learned theory about materials and structures and hopes to be able to put this into practice with this project.



Stef de GrootStef
He is an Industrial Design Engineering student at TU Delft and in his free time designs 3d printed models such as bicycles. He has an interest in applying new techniques to existing products.



Harry AndersonHarry
A student at the Royal Institute of Technology in Melbourne at the faculty of Industrial Design. He is on an exchange and has lots of experience using CAD/CAM. He is interested in exploring the applications and boundaries of additive manufacturing.


Sjoerd van de VeldeSjoerd
He is a student at Mechanical Engineering at the TU Delft. He’s a real handy man, during the summer he works at an open air opera as a stage builder and owns an old-timer camper van. He also has a lot of experience with building prototypes and because of his background in mechanical engineering he has an affinity with metal and mechanical products.

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