WAAM Introduction

Welcome to the 2015 Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing Web Blog. Through this web blog we will keep you up to date on our project.

At the end of last week we had our first meeting with our project leader: Jouke Verlinden. He briefly explained about the possibilities this project has to offer. The scope of this project is to explore the possibilities or applications of the recent breakthroughs in Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing and to try to build other type of objects or structures that can be manufactured using this technique. Also, Jouke showed us the RepRap which last years group built. We hope to get it up and running by the end of this week so we can do some tests with it.

After the meeting we brainstormed about what we wanted to build and everyone was very enthusiastic about a bicycle frame!

At the moment, the dragon bench is being manufactured at Laarman Labs (using WAAM). We hope to be able to visit the Laaramn Labs this week to get a look at how the machines are operated and to talk to the people working them. We want to learn how the machine works and about the limitations it has. This will help us to produce a first design for our bicycle frame.

The location of the WAAM robots we will be using is in Amsterdam, at the mx3D Lab at NDSM Werf fabriek. The place where we will be working in Amsterdam has no furniture, so this first week we have been developing CAD models to CNC mill our own wooden desk. We have done this using some initial designs from the opendesk website. We have managed to produce some smaller scale prototypes using the laser cutter. These were a great success!

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