Laarman Labs Visit

Monday afternoon we visited MX3D at the Laarman Labs in Amsterdam. Everyone’s eyes were wide open when we walked into the meeting room and saw designs such as the Bone chair, the Maker chair, Heatwave radiator and all sorts of other cool experimental test shapes and objects.
We had a good conversation with Filippo and Jakob, from the MX3D team. They gave us a lot of insight into the possibilities and limitations of the robot arm. Also they mentioned they have tackled some of the limitations but are still willing to run some tests, so perhaps we can incorporate that in our designs for the bicycle frame. We discussed the overall planning, and it came down to: this week making a design, next week work on printing strategy and solving problems and then the last week of October we will have a week with the robot to print. This is a tight schedule but we hope to get a result in the end.

Filippo gave us a little tour of the Laarman Labs. This was very cool. Almost every object you see there you cannot help but wonder how it was made. The tour ended with the Dragon bench, which may have been a little disappointing in size but definitely lived up to the rest of the expectations. It was inspiring to (3)photo (5)photo (4)





We had a great day in Amsterdam. The robot can do a lot and Filippo and Jakob seemed willing to help us out if we run into problems with the programming. We saw some very cool stuff at the Laarman Labs and left Amsterdam with a very content feeling and looking forward to starting with the designs.

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