First Designs

This first designing week proved to be rather tough for us. We’ve decided that by this week Thursday afternoon we want to have a well-worked out first design to send to Filippo so we can get some feedback on it. We have little time and are finding it hard to communicate our ideas. We all have different educational backgrounds and different ideas on what we want and think is accomplishable. We started off by brainstorming about several themes and construction aspects that we would like to incorporate into the design. In the end we narrowed down the options drastically and agreed that ‘less would be more’. Most of us are working on the design, in particular Harry is turning out to be our Grasshoppper-guy. Sjoerd and Joost are working on assembling bike parts, that we can attach onto the frame to have a complete bike in the end, these are important design parameters. For the design we’ve mainly been sketching, using CAD models and using plasticine.

Screenshot4photo (6)

WP_20151008_14_03_22_Prophoto (7)

For the design of the splines we had two different ideas. One was to make it more organic-like and the other to make the splines look more like polygonal shapes. It was important to make a decision for this, as developing two individual models for this would be too time consuming. In the end we chose the organic splines, but we were happy with either. In Joosts’ words: ‘It’s like having to choose between your mother and your father’.


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