Rhino + Grasshopper Work Flow

For the creation of the CAD files for the printed frame we used a combination of Autodesk Fusion 360, Rhino and Grasshopper. The frame was modelled first in Fusion 360 and then imported into Rhino to map networks of splines onto the surface using grasshopper. The reason we used this work flow was that it gave us a lot of form freedom and control. Allowing us to create complex but parametric CAD models that we could adjust and tweak as the project continued without a huge amount of manual corrections if something changed.grasshopper screenshot 2This example illustrates our approach, 2D splines are projected onto the input geometry (A 3D Sphere). This is a relatively simple approach but again allowed us to have much more control over the splines than other more complex methods we tried. The resulting curves lay precisely on the input surface and if 2 curves intersect, we can be sure that this intersection is directly on the surface. The connection pieces where also modelled in Rhino to troubleshoot any issues with tolerances and placement with the frame.grasshopper screenshot

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