Project Evaluation

We are still working on printing the bicycle. At the moment we are halfway done and the results are looking very promising. We cant wait to assemble and ride it. Because we are past the official project timespan, it is getting time for an evaluation. First of all, we feel very privilaged to get the chance to work on this project. It has been a very learnful and inspiring proces.

Because the project only took 4 weeks, we had to make very quick design decicions. The multidiciplinary character of the team made it in the beginning hard to communicate our ideas and therefor make decisions. Later on, when we got further in the details of the design, we noticed the benefits of having different knowledge areas.

The project brief was very open. Therefor we choose to aim high and build a bicycle, even though we didn’t knew if this was possible from the MX3D side. As an point of improvement, it would be good to state clearer at what level there will be collaboration and what kind of limitations we have.

It would also be better to have more meetings to check the printability of the design. Unfortunately this was not possible because the guys at MX3D were busy with the opening of their location. But it could have smoothened the proces and reduce the time it took them to fix the file.

In the proces of designing and printing this bicycle we have learned a lot. We got to know how big startup companies work, how important scripting and encoding is in modern technologies, a lot about welding techniques, presenting ideas (to the press) and working in an multidiciplinary team.

We had lots of fun doing this project, now let’s make this bicycle happen!

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