Science Fair

Before the opening of the science fair we needed to prepare our stand and do some last minute things. We picked up our posters and sandblasted a printed piece to show how the material will look on the final frame. We got our tables and we build the stand. our co-ordinator let us borrow a projector to show few clips we had filmed during the printing which gives a good Non-verbal communication of the process. The clip was projected onto a wall next to our posters. On the tables there were two pieces of the bicycle together with some samples from MX3D.

At 12:30 the fair started and immediately there were a lot of interested people at our stand. Most of the people were very enthusiastic about the bike and wanted to know everything about our project. We got a lot of questions about what material we used to print our bicycle and what kind of printer we used. When we said we used stainless steel most of the people laughed because they thought it’s going to be a very heavy bike but after they heard it was “only” 12 kilos they were amazed.


Also a journalist from “het AD” came to us for an interview and some photos to put in the newspaper. After two and a half hours of positive reactions the science fair was over. Although we did not managed to get the bicycle finished before the science fair we will be working on it the next weeks and hopefully the bike will be finished by the end of November.

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