Tables for MX3D

The MX3D office does not yet have furniture in it. We wanted to make some furniture, starting with desks/tables. Ten sheets of 18mm plywood were ordered for us to use. We got some CAD drawings for a table from and tried to use the CNC milling machine to make it. Here we ran into some trouble, seeing as the machine doesn’t work well with 2D CAD drawings. The people from the PMB asked us to rebuild the drawings into a solid model in Solidworks. So we did.


But even now with the solid parts the machine still wouldn’t work. The problem is with the driver software. We contacted a student from the TUDelft who is currently involved in one of the dreamteams. He is known to use different driver software for the CNC milling machine that copes better with the design of our table. He and an employee of the PMB will be working on it as soon as they can.