Friday: MX3D Opening

That morning we rode to Amsterdam in style: Sjoerd took us in his old-timer campervan. We arrived at NDSM where Jouke and Joost were assembling the CNC-milled tables that had just been printed the day before. We helped out the MX3D team by cleaning up, setting up and prepping our ‘stand’ where we showed some renders of the bike and had some printed models of the shape of the frame.

photo (12)image (4)  image (2)image (3)

The opening speeches were given by: Tim from MX3D, Joris Laarman, Bert van der Elst (CEO Heijmans) and a representative from the city council of Amsterdam.

In the main hall the big robot arm had 2 flat screens attached to it and the smaller robot was set up with a pair of golden scissors. When the big red button was hit, the robot arm holding the scissor cut a ribbon, which caused a big banner to roll down. This in turn revealed the location where the 3D welded bridge will be located.imagephoto (11)

A lot of the visitors at the opening showed curiosity about our bicycle design. Our stand was very crowded and it was very encouraging to see how interested people were. Not only because it was probably cool to see that this technology can also be used to build mobile objects (in contrary to a bench or bridge), but people found the design very striking.image (1)

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